Mr. Ronald Gorsky Welcome Letter

Welcome, and welcome back to the New Ventures Family!

Our 2017-2018 school year promises to be the best year ever! As we begin our 3rd year, our school is growing and the excitement is palpable!

Building upon 2 years of unprecedented success, we are expanding our school to include a Culinary Arts Program. This program will include a variety of thematic courses and experiential learning at a variety of restaurants that focus on culinary arts including the Global History of Food, Gastronomic Literature and the Chemistry of Cooking.

We will expand our Fieldwork opportunities to include a Cinematography track as well as a program that will focus on Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

In addition, all students will continue to spend one day a week participating in our Internship Program. Students will intern in the offices of elected officials on Staten Island as well as participate in career-oriented internships selected on the basis of their future goals.

Our success with over-age and under-credited students is made possible by our team of passionate, expert educators who are committed to preparing our students for post-secondary success.

Working closely with our students and their families, along with our community partners, we are creating a culture of excellence.

Ron Gorsky, Principal